Scaffolding Couplers – Inner Joint Point

Scaffolding couplers, also known as clamps, are used in tubular scaffolding systems as fittings. Vertical tubes are connected to horizontal tubes via right-angle clamps. Diagonal tubes are periodically connected to the scaffold via swivel clamps in order to stabilize the scaffold. Tubular scaffolding is a traditional system but is the most widely used worldwide.

And the inner joint pin is used as a joint to connect two pipes end to end from the inside of the pipes.


Diameter: 48.3mm

Standard: EN74

Finishing: Zinc Plating & Hot-dip Galvanizing are available

Packaging: Pallets

Lead time: 30 days

Capacity: 1000 tons per month

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Part No.

Diameter /mm




Electro Galvanizing

Hot-dip Galvanizing

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