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Shoring Props

The shoring props are the temporary members used to support the formworks during the concrete pouring procedure at the construction work site. With the telescopic property, shoring props can be used for different types of constructions at different slab heights. And the shoring props can be re-used several times due to the high load-resistant capability with steel pipes.

There is also another type of prop which we call the Push-Pull prop. This type of prop is used widely on the construction work site to support the vertical formworks for the walls and columns, etc. Like bracing, one end of the Push-Pull props is fixed at the ground, and the other end will be attached to the formworks vertically. And adjusted through the threads and nuts, the push-pull props will support the formwork stable.

WanChengTai(WCT) is China’s top manufacturer of scaffolding shoring props. We manufacture scaffolding systems and shoring props that encompass the full range of components. With WCT, you can acquire off-the-shelf scaffoldings as well as customized parts for individual requirements.

WCT’s Shoring Props include but are not limited to the following products.

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Advantages of WCT Scaffolding Systems

Wide Range of Products

WCT has manufactured all kinds of products for scaffolds. At one stop, you can get everything you need, from base jacks to board brackets to the shoring props.

High-Capacity Production

With more than 100,000m2 of workshops and warehouses, WCT is able to meet your production needs in a timely manner, including urgent orders.

Automated Production Lines

We have more than 20 auto welding lines for scaffolding manufacture as well as four auto forming lines for scaffolding planks in the factory.

Conscientious QC Flows

The QC executive processes of WCT cover every flow of the production. We handle your orders from raw materials to manufacturing processes to packaging and shipping.

From scaffoldings to shoring props, WanChengTai completes the surface finishing treatment in our factory, including Painting, Powder Coating, and HDG. With these galvanizing lines, we can lower the surface finishing cost, shorten the production period, and improve the galvanizing surface quality.

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WanChengTai takes care of your scaffoldings and shoring proops. Our quality control processes cover every aspect, raw materials, production procedures, mass production, surface finishing, packaging, and container loading. These procedures ensure that our products are manufactured with high quality, starting with the appearance check to dimensional inspection and mechanical properties test.

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Do you have any certificates for your scaffolds?

Yes. WanChengTai has certificates based on the following standards: ANSI/SSFI SC100 for Ringlock scaffolds; AS/NZS 1576 for Kwikstage scaffolds; AS/NZS 1576 for Aluminum scaffolds; AS 3610 for shoring frames & props.

How do you package the cargoes?

There are several packaging methods available, including bundles, pallets, racks, and racks with mesh.

Do you have abilities to manufacture customized scaffolds?

Yes. We have a strong technical team with rich experiences. If you have your own design, send us the drawings, and leave the rest operation to us. We will handle it.

Can you provide samples for us?

Yes, we can. Let us know your request, and we will follow up.

What about your standard lead time for regular scaffoldings?

Our capacity is 2000 tons per month. And for regular scaffolds, we can arrange delivery for you within 30 days.

What kind of material are you using for your scaffolds?

We only take Chinese steel Q345(equivalent to 16Mn) for the scaffolding standards. And for other parts, both Q345 and Q235 are available.

What about the prices of your scaffolds?

Speaking with solid self-confidence, our price is very reasonable and competitive. Leave us your inquiry, and we will send our price list for your reference.

Can you tell me the price per square meter?

We are selling our scaffolding piece by piece. It is unavailable for a price per square meter.

Can you contract any projects with your scaffoldings?

We do not have the services of contracting. But you can acquire projects with our scaffolds. We will do our best to assist you.

Can you tell me how many pieces of each necessary scaffolding part are needed for a building?

We can roughly but not precisely make a calculation. But it is just for reference. We strongly recommend talking with your local scaffolding engineers if you want a clear list of each scaffolding material’s exact quantity.

What kind of finishing treatment available on your scaffolding materials?

Pre-galvanized planks, Painting, Zinc plating, and Hot-dip Galvanizing processes are available.