About Us

Who We Are

Qingdao WanchengTai is the international business department of Qingdao Wancheng Group, which has built up a new industry park with more than 10,000m2. And our production capacity can reach up to 50,000 tons/year in complete condition.

Wancheng has been serving the building industry for a combined period of more than 20 years, manufacturing quality and cost-effective scaffoldings. Quickly making a mark as a “trusted supplier,” we have confirmed orders with several industry-leading players, supplying more than 1,200 tons per month.

Wancheng established thorough quality control and inspection system according to ISO 9001. And we’ve got the necessary certificates for different markets, ANSI SC100 test certificates, AS/NZS 1576/1577 test certificates, and the ongoing CE certificate.

The products and services are supported by our technical design team that is prepared to work with you around the clock to ensure the products and services are up to your expectation.

Over 20 Years Experience & Certified By Various Scaffolding Criteria

Being in manufacturing scaffold systems for more than 20 years, WanchengTai has established unique advantages in the industry. With our own pipes making and HDG lines, we can easily control the quality of the raw materials and the finishing. And working through the automated equipment enables us to meet your requirement of substantial production capacity.

With the top-of-the-line equipment, we offer high-quality scaffolding products

As a factory, Wancheng has been focusing on manufacturing system scaffolds from established. To fulfill the more and more varied requirements, we continuously keep upgrading our production capabilities from manual welding production to modern automated welding lines.

&Till now, we have been equipped with a variety of production lines, including: Thirty-eight automatic welding machines Three plank automated production lines Two hot-dip galvanizing lines One automatic sand casting lines Two steel pipe production lines Three components production lines

Quality Control

We control the quality from dimensions to property performance through the whole production procedure.

Manufacturing quality system scaffolds at WanchengTai(WT) begins with the testing of accessories. From supervision of property and dimensions of raw materials to performance testing of semi-finished products, and assembly trials of finished products, our quality control covers every aspect of scaffolding production, thus ensuring the high-quality level of our products.


Specialized Workshops

Welding Workshop

Up to 38 welding lines, including semi-automated welding machines and welding robots

Plank Manufacturing Workshop

Three plank automated pressing & rolling lines

Casting Workshop

Automated sand casting lines

HDG Workshop

One rack-plating line & one barrel-plating line for hot-dip galvanizing

Post Processing & Packaging Workshop

Post-processing aims to clean the semi-finished scaffoldings And the products are usually packaged in racks or pallets


A 5000m2 warehouse for scaffoldings ready for shipment


Service Team

Our team will reach out to you within 24 hours.